Terms Of Use


the Site: the website located at www.quek.io
we, our or us: abc64 and Pike_YT, owners of the Site
our services: all services provided by us available on the Site, such as game servers.
Users, each a User: users of the Site and/or our services who have agreed to these terms and the privacy policy.
You: current or potential User

These terms of use dictate your use of the Site and all of our services.

Acceptance and Changes

When first visiting the Site, you are given an option to agree to these terms. Agreeing constitutes a legally binding acceptance of this agreement. Once agreed, you will be able to fully use the Site and be considered a User.

We may, at any time, alter this document. When we do, we will provide Users with an option to either agree to the new terms of use or stop using the Site and our services.

Note that if you use any of our services and/or the Site by circumventing the agreement of these terms you signify your acceptance of them. Your continuing use of our services and/or the Site in this manner constitutes your agreement to any future changes to these terms.

If you, at any time, stop agreeing to these terms, please stop using the Site and our services.

Anyone under the age of 13 years should seek consent from his or her legal guardian before agreeing to these terms.


All content found on the Site and our services, including but not limited to images, design, graphics are our exclusive property, except for trade marks, logos and other which are owned by partners or other authors.

The reproduction, representation, transfer, distribution or registration of any such content is strictly forbidden without prior written consent from us.

Custom clients (included but not limited in form of extensions) and servers

You may develop your own clients and/or servers. However, we may take any such work down any time. In case a takedown request is dismissed or isn't enforced within 7 business days, we reserve the right to take legal action against you.

We are not liable for any damage or loss caused to you as a consequence of your use or inability to use third-party clients or servers and cannot guarantee their safety. Use such software at your own risk.


We do not target the Site to anyone under the age of 13 years. Certain of our services and/or the Site may be unavailable for such Users. You agree that you are fully responsible and liable for any Users under the age of 13 years that you assist.


You may not harass other Users and/or engage in destructive or illegal acts like trolling, DDoSing or botting or advertising or selling any product (whether or not paid).

We reserve the right to ban any User from the Site and/or from any of our services for any reason, with or without notice.

Limited Liability

We are not liable for any damage or loss as a consequence of your use or inability to use the Site and/or our services. We can also not be held responsible for any errors encountered on the Site and/or our services or for any damage or loss due to the actions of another User.


These Terms of Use will be governed by the laws of France and all disputes relating to or arising from the execution or performance of this agreement will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of France, unless we decide otherwise.


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